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Mission & Vision

       pictureThe mission of Memphis School of Excellence (MSE) is to provide a safe and collaborative environment which will cultivate the academic and social development of its students by emphasizing math, science, and technology for the purpose of students setting and meeting higher education goals. Graduates of MSE will have the tools necessary to positively impact their communities as they pursue their personal and professional aspirations. Memphis School of Excellence believes an effective and adequate education necessary for the citizens of the future relies heavily on a multidimensional academic curriculum in which all core subjects will be blended together through various teaching methods while promoting the development of a strong character that supports and respects society. We strongly believe that MSE’s mission statement and our outlined goals relate to the Memphis City Schools’ strategic plan which is based on student achievement, accountability, parent and community involvement, healthy youth development, safety and diversity.
Memphis School of Excellence believes that focusing on an overall high academic achievement will include providing opportunities for individual skills and talents to develop to higher levels. This will inspire in students a lifelong love of learning and desire for self-improvement and creativity. MSE strives to lead each and every student to these accomplishments by using enhanced Tennessee Curriculum Standards. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 will serve as a guideline in our commitment to teach every student how to reach his or her fullest potential. As part of the NCLB Act, instruction at MSE will be research based and evaluated frequently, teacher development will be a continual process, and special emphasis will be given for the adequate yearly progress of each student.
Every effort will be made to humanize and personalize the environment in which students learn, and to maintain safe, friendly and wholesome atmosphere that encourages creative expression and a desire to acquire knowledge. The emphasis of the entire instructional program is aimed at meeting the individual needs of each student in order to allow children to develop to their fullest potential. The school establishes an atmosphere in which students develop abilities to generate new thoughts, to think analytically, to draw logical conclusions, and to express thoughts in written and verbal form. By instilling in the student’s knowledge and appreciation of one’s heritage as a member of the American community, as an American citizen, and as a member of a family, the school strives to make the student aware of accountability to oneself and to others.
Since adolescents thrive in an environment of diversity, we will strive to create a diverse learning environment. Diversity is not only a motivating factor, but also an essential element in a well-rounded education. It serves as a key to success in our diverse American society, institutions of higher learning, and inter-connected global economy.
Each and every student at MSE will be regarded as a unique, valuable, and vital member of the school community. Individual attention in the form of one-on-one tutorial, intensive counseling, and individualized goals is the key to motivating our students. Cooperation with area universities is an effective means toward enhancing the effectiveness of our tutorial system.
Multi-cultural aspects are also integrated into our curricula; not just through geography and foreign language, but within each of our subject areas. Our students are encouraged to make additional contacts with other cultures by participating in local, national and International Science and Mathematics Competitions.
While cherishing the individual choice of each student, the school will focus on curriculum standards so that children may achieve the mastery upon which further learning will be built. MSE will use a variety of teaching methods to ensure learning for all students regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background.
Memphis School of Excellence’s curriculum will be project oriented, interdisciplinary, and thematic. School Science fairs, student work displays, performances, newsletters, multimedia publications (web, CDs and etc.), in-school academic competitions and various methods will be used to exhibit student work.
The founders envision an environment where families, teachers, and students communicate on a regular basis, in order to optimize the students’ educational opportunities in addition to activities that contribute to the complete personal and social development and personal esteem, such as recreation, athletics and co-curricular and/or extracurricular activities. Learning and applying Science, Math, and Technology through projects that are linked to community and family is the means by which students experience personal academic success and emotional growth. Students at MSE will have an extended Health Curriculum that will involve Nutrition, Health and Fitness. Students will be educated on healthy and safe nutritional habits in our school in order to develop a fit and healthy generation.
The founders believe that leading by example is the best way to inspire change. Through the development of a school with challenging standards of academic excellence, which results in higher achievement scores; through the inclusion of all students regardless of racial, ethnic background, language barriers, educational classifications, or socio-economic status; and through the demonstrated satisfaction of students and families alike, the impetus for change in the region public schools will be realized.